3.5-158 hace 9 años Fix a currently unused unique_lock function. Thanks to Lioncash.
3.5-157 hace 9 años Fix incorrect iterator usage in BreakPoints::Clear
3.5-156 hace 9 años Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu
3.5-154 hace 9 años clean up FifoPlayerDlg::OnBeginSearch a bit
3.5-154 hace 9 años Fix reference to deleted object bug. This should fix channels not loading from sysmenu anymore.
3.5-153 hace 9 años Fix a potential memleak in FifoPlayerDlg
3.5-152 hace 9 años Add some TODOs.
3.5-151 hace 9 años Fix an assert that had been wrong for ages, apparently.
3.5-150 hace 9 años PixelShaderGen: Shader uid maintainance
3.5-149 hace 9 años Disable color writing when alpha test always fails.
3.5-148 hace 9 años Move alpha pretest to BPMemory.h and rename a bunch of alpha testing related stuff
3.5-147 hace 9 años Reword a comment about early_ztest a bit.
3.5-145 hace 9 años PixelShaderGen: Don't disable depth texture emulation if z writing is disabled (this is what VideoSoftware is doing).
3.5-144 hace 9 años DX11: Fix a small mistake.
3.5-143 hace 9 años X11: Disable OSD hotkeys when the corresponding option is disabled.
3.5-142 hace 9 años Fix clearing of render targets. We were skipping every other one.
3.5-141 hace 9 años Merge branch 'linux-desktop-file'
3.5-138 hace 9 años Disable swapping cmp with instructions potentially raising interrupts
3.5-137 hace 9 años Revert 30dd9c2 e9d00bf db5f4c8 and bff0fae
3.5-136 hace 9 años Fixed the infinite rumble problem caused by r4d6056f14625.