3.5-1697 hace 7 años Remove a couple files which have apperently never been used for anything.
3.5-1696 hace 7 años Increase number of save state slots to 10.
3.5-1695 hace 7 años Change a glClear in the OpenGL renderer to improve performance on Mali chips.
3.5-1694 hace 7 años [ARM] Push new ArmEmitter changes from PPSSPP. Mostly Fixes a few VFP/NEON instruction encodings.
3.5-1693 hace 7 años Fix hotkeys.
3.5-1692 hace 7 años fix c&p error
3.5-1691 hace 7 años Merge branch 'join-wiimote-scanning-thread'
3.5-1687 hace 7 años Allow setting dsp on thread via game ini.
3.5-1686 hace 7 años Add hotkeys to increase/decrease the frame limit.
3.5-1685 hace 7 años Make hotkeys for togglign IR, AR, efb copies and fog settings configurable.
3.5-1684 hace 7 años simplify my last commit
3.5-1683 hace 7 años remove printf in shader uid generation
3.5-1682 hace 7 años Removing the 'Clearing code cache' OSD message in Release builds
3.5-1681 hace 7 años fix movie player on linux
3.5-1680 hace 7 años [Android] Some minor cleanup.
3.5-1679 hace 7 años Changing the Nunchuk stick axis from center to center + 1
3.5-1678 hace 7 años Adding Nunchuk stick calibration
3.5-1677 hace 7 años [Android] Qualcomm Swap hack isn't needed anymore due to the new StreamBuffer type.
3.5-1676 hace 7 años [Android] Another check for OpenGL ES 3.
3.5-1675 hace 7 años Good Job Windows. Fixes compiling...