4.0-603 hace 7 años, 3 meses Code cleanup
4.0-602 hace 7 años, 3 meses NetPlay: Sync CPU engine between NetPlay clients/servers
4.0-601 hace 7 años, 3 meses Fix copy and paste error in BootManager.cpp.
4.0-600 hace 7 años, 3 meses Slight optimization in the pixel shader. We are using pow(2.0, X) in place of exp2(X). This can be faster in places that don't optimize a pow to a exp2 in this case. Notice this from here: http://cgit...
4.0-599 hace 7 años, 3 meses Fix for previous commit. I was supposed to use GL_VERSION, not GL_RENDERER.
4.0-598 hace 7 años, 3 meses Probe the GL_RENDERER string on Nvidia to grab the driver version.
4.0-597 hace 7 años, 3 meses [Android] Reenable the bug for dynamic UBO array member accesses. Some information on this bug since this isn't quite true. Seemingly with the v53 driver, Qualcomm has actually fixed this bug. So we c...
4.0-596 hace 7 años, 3 meses D3D: Verbosify an error message.
4.0-595 hace 7 años, 4 meses OpenGL: fix scaled efb2ram copys
4.0-594 hace 7 años, 4 meses Gameini database update. Update for WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Games (gc) and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (wii). Also remove the emulation notes regarding games using EA VP6 playback library.
4.0-593 hace 7 años, 4 meses Fix the Zelda: The Wind Waker heat effect glitch.
4.0-592 hace 7 años, 4 meses OpenGL: use shader 420pack if available to staticly bind ubo location
4.0-591 hace 7 años, 4 meses OpenGL: drop UBO-workaround usage for efb2ram shaders
4.0-590 hace 7 años, 4 meses TextureCache: Warn for invalid custom textures
4.0-589 hace 7 años, 4 meses ogl: clamp to edge for out of bound efb access
4.0-588 hace 7 años, 4 meses Bootmanager.cpp fixes and clean up.
4.0-587 hace 7 años, 4 meses Allow pad settings to be set via game ini.
4.0-586 hace 7 años, 4 meses [Android] Simplify instantiations of OverlayConfigButton.java. Also simplified resizeDrawable even more. We just acquire the resource instance and then get the display metrics directly.
4.0-585 hace 7 años, 4 meses [Android] Simplify resizeDrawable in OverlayConfigButton.java.
4.0-584 hace 7 años, 4 meses Merge Fail. We don't disable BaseVertex on broken pinned memory.